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Around the World with Food Bloggers: Africa’s Top 10

Posted On : 28 May 2015 | Category : News & Articles

There are seemingly a million food blogs out there, but only a handful showcase African food. Even so it has still been a struggle to pick 10 of our favourite for this year (2013). Half of the African food blogs listed below are nominations from readers. We then combed through our reading list to find a collection of food blogs that you might not be reading… yet to make up the other half.

By theafricaneconomist

1. 1Q Food Platter

1Q is apparently a play on IQ (Intelligence Quotient). As the blog author puts it herself “My friends call me IQ, Short for Iquo. I did not want the blog to come across as academic a la intelligence quotient so I settled for IQ (one Q).” Iquo Ukoh spent 30 years working for a nulti-national food company and 15 years focusing her intellect on developing food recipes. Iquo Ukoh shares her trickery in recipes such as spicy chicken and corm pepper soup, beef suya on baked mosa or steam vegetable omelette, all beautifully shot in natural light. What stands out for me is the focus on the use of natural whole foods and ingredients as well as a commitment by the blog to “help you create variety and excitement and maintain sensible healthy lifestyle.”

Blog: 1Q Food Platter



2. 9jafoodie

9jafoodie features inspired recipes that have all been put together in an aesthetically pleasing blog format. The blog has a vibrant social media presence where fans can pick up tips on how to modify your favourite Nigerian recipes for weight loss to learning about African foods that will provide you with flatter abs! There is a strong healthy theme to the blog that makes 9jafoodie a very modern blog indeed.

Blog: 9jafoodie



3. Cocina Marroqui

Cocina marroqui is a Spanish language African food themed blog authored by Amin Maalouf that was nominated by a reader. The blog displays passion for food through some interesting recipes and gorgeous photos. The real attributes of the blog shone through once I had called on google’s translation kit to work its magic. The food blog accomplishes its goal, providing readers with well-planned, wholesome dishes that provide rich and diverse flavours.

Blog: Cocina Marroqui



4. Mzansi Style Cuisine

Mzansi Style Cuisine is a South African blog with a difference. South Africa has more food blogs in Africa than any other but there seems to be a dearth of distinctive indigenous food coverage. In this blog, Thuli the author of the blog seeks to in her words “explore theSouthern African traditional and indigenous dishes from the different cultural groups.” Thuli also states that “I also feel that our generation is losing the skill of cooking as we rely heavily on takeaways and ready made foods…..which I find to be very sad….so with this blog I hope to encourage my peers to cook.”

Blog: Mzansi Style Cuisine



5. K.O.Rasoi

KORasoi is a wonderful food blog authored by 23 year old Sanjaana. K.O Rasoi is described as: “ a perfect balance of flavour on two ends of a weighing scale. On one side sits Kalidas Parmanand Modha and on the other sits Odhavji Haridas Thanky – two top East African chefs and my beloved grandfathers. This place was created for them and their knockout food.” Need we say more? Again in her own words she states that “K.O Rasoi (‘rasoi’ from the Gujarati word for ‘cooking’) represents the harmony and togetherness of the family in the form of cooking. I use this as a place of reflection upon what I cook at home. Inspired by the Indian and East African dishes my mum taught me to cook as a girl, I embark upon some weird and wacky experiments.”

Blog: K.O.Rasoi



6. My Burnt Orange

My Burnt Orange is authored by Freedes who was born in Botswana of Ghanaian parentage and married to a Zimbabwean. She describes herself as “a wife, a mother, and a professional electrical engineer who loves tocook dishes from across Africa and beyond”. My Burnt Orange is perhaps the only blog listed that utilises videos as a method of instruction as they should be.

Blog: My Burnt Orange



7. Every African Food and Beautiful Culture

Every African Food and Beautiful Culture is an African food blog authored by Ivy Newton. Ivy is the African Gourment, author of several books on African food and culture. This blog is unconventional in it’s layout and could yet become perhaps one of the most comprehensive curated blogs on African food online. It is unfussy and sticks to documenting recipes across Africa interspersed with interesting tidbits on culture. Certainly one to bookmark.

Blog: Every African Food and Beautiful Culture



8. Kadi African Recipes

Kadi African Recipes is an instruction manual for foodies. The blog, authored by 24 year old Guinea born Oumou uses videos to teach readers how to cook African food mainly across West and East Africa. This is a fantastic blog for home cooked African inspired cuisine.

Blog: Kadi African Recipes



9. The African Pot Nutrition

The African Pot Nutrition is all about nutrition and healthy living. This blog will help you discover the facts behind nutrition so you can make informed choices. The blog is a breath of fresh air and we hope more like it spring up. The healthy living concept behind it is tantalising and has the potential to lead the field in this important and soon to be influential niche.

Blog: The African Pot Nutrition



10. Dan’s Ma Cuisine

Dan’s Ma Cuisine is a cameroon inspired African food blog run by Brenda who was born in Cameroon and now lives in Canada. This blog, the first Cameroon inspired blog to be on our list is unpretentious in a way that will inspire the novices amongst us. The dishes featured are realistic for any cook, but without any gimmicks.

Blog: Dan’s Ma Cuisine



Source: theafricaneconomist