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Around the World with Food Bloggers: UK’s Top 10

Posted On : 14 May 2015 | Category : News & Articles

You can’t swing a spatula without hitting a food blogger nowadays. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we’ve rounded up 10 that you really should be following. And bring you some of their fabulous recipes.

By Elaine Byfield


1. Ms Marmite Lover

Kerstin Rodgers is an award-winning food blogger and pioneer of the underground restaurant, or supper club scene. She’s written a couple of books on supper clubs and promotes food through social media. As well as lots of recipes, her blog features her ‘out and abouts’ on the London food scene.

Blog: Ms Marmite Lover



2. Poires au Chocolat

Emma Gardner’s blog is an oasis of calm, and she writes in an engaging way, cleverly using silent video to demonstrate tricky techniques. Her thoughtful approach also includes the provision of a really handy pictorial ‘glossary of terms’ to explain everything from greasing a baking tin to rubbing in butter for pastry. Lovely recipes focusing on baking and desserts.

Blog: Poires au Chocolat



3. Feeding Boys and a Firefighter

Busy mum of two Katie Bryson shares her nutritious ideas for filling up a hungry family. She concentrates on fuss-free food that can be put together in minutes, cleverly planning meals a week ahead, then deciding on the day what she fancies cooking. Recipes appear in helpful meal categories.

Blog: Feeding Boys and a Firefighter



4. Jenny Chandler

Jenny is hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Spanish cooking, and has written extensively on the subject. Her warm and witty blog aims to record and share her love of seasonal ingredients, with lots of modern, imaginative dishes. An entertaining and informative read.

Blog: Jenny Chandler



5. Gastro Geek

British-born Bengali food writer/cookbook author and self confessed food geek Rejina Sabur-Cross has lots of tasty recipes on her blog, some inspired by time spent living in Japan. She writes with a great deal of vim and vigour so as well as having mouthwatering recipes, her blog is a fun read.

Blog: Gastro Geek



6. English Mum

The English mum in question is a Becky, and she has a wealth of fabulous recipes on her food blog. We adore the preserves section and the Suppers section is great. But it’s her baking that we love the most.

Blog: English Mum



7. Food Stories

Light-hearted and well-crafted writing from Peckham resident Helen Graves. Plenty of lovely photos and a good range of recipes (inventive sandwiches are a feature, and she’s written a book on these) as well as stories of what she’s enjoyed eating on her travels.

Blog: Food Stories



8. The London Foodie

Luiz Hara was born in Brazil to Japanese and Italian parents and was educated in the UK. He is a former investment banker turned Cordon Bleu-trained chef and his wonderful food blog is becoming very well known. He publishes recipes from all over the world, but there are a lot of Japanese recipes here which are worth looking at.

Blog: The London Foodie



9. Butcher, Baker

Jules is the main author of this blog, though her husband (aka The Butcher) plays his part too. There’s a huge repertoire of recipes, including delicious-looking bread, tarts and cupcakes. Jules also runs a food education business in the West Midlands for both adults and kids.

Blog: Butcher, Baker



10. Always So Hungry

Steffi is a Swedish expat living in London. She’s taken inspiration for her food from the many places she’s lived, including Italy and New York, as well as from Scandanavian writers, and her own Swedish granny. Tantalising, vibrant looking dishes and wonderful photography.

Blog: Always So Hungry



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