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Recommended Products in May

Food Notes in May: Delicious items in store   Eat me… Fatima’s Chapattis $2.90 for packet of 10 For an authentic addition to curry meals this month, try these. Simply dry fry in a frying pan for a few minutes a side (from frozen) and you have the fresh restaurant ... more

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Recommended Products in June

Food Notes in June: Delicious items in store   Spice me… The Indian Kitchen – 400g Simmer Sauces from $4.00 A Vindaloo is one of the hottest curries around, and it’s made easy with The Indian Kitchen Range from Food Lover’s Market. The simmer sauces helps you make a quick, ... more

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Recommended Products in July

Food Notes in July: Delicious items in store     Chicken Tikka Masala – $1.85 This paste blends authentic spices to create a simply tantalising version one of the most popular curry dishes. Available Food Lover’s Market         Jeera Poppadums – $3.49 These delicious Indian crispy breads ... more

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Recommended Products in August

Food Notes in August: Delicious items in store   Zambezi Gold Pure Natural Honey. This certified organic honey will help to build a strong immune system, create soft clear skin and give you energy! A natural medicine and sweetness for a rich and healthy life! Available in most supermarkets, $5.20 ... more

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Recommended Products in January

Food Notes in January: Delicious items in store     Back to Basics… Food Lover’s Signature Balsamic Reduction $5.99 (250ml) Take the hard work out of preparing a balsamic reduction by simply using this. It enhances any sweet or savory dish. Add authentic Italian flavour to pasta, grilled vegetables, chicken, ... more

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Recommended Products in February

Food Notes in February: Delicious items in store   Eat me… Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles $10.79 Perfectly balanced dark chocolate offers a deeply indulgent premium chocolate experience . The individually wrapped dark truffles, with a smooth melting centre are enrobed in delicious Lindt dark chocolate and contain at least 60% ... more

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