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How to Create a Perfect Burger

Posted On : 2 October 2014 | Category : All Hints & Tips, How To

The top 3 essentials to a great burger are the patty, the bun and the seasoning.


Choosing the right meat for your patty is crucial. You want to buy mince that is not too lean, otherwise your burger might dry out while cooking. It’s better to go for lean as opposed to extra lean. While cooking, don’t press the fat out of the burger with the back of your spatula. When making your patty, don’t compress it too much, just enough that it holds together.


Choose a nice sturdy roll that’s not going to crumble to pieces after the first mouthful. Try get your rolls fresh from a bakery as opposed to those bland pre packed rolls off the shelf. Food Lover’s bakery produces a wide selection of delicious rolls that would be great for a burger.


The importance of seasoning your meat before cooking can’t be stressed enough. Salt and pepper are the most important, but after that you can feel free to experiment a little. Some people like to add a few herbs to their patties to give a little twist or you can purchase any spice mix for burgers or steak and add a dash of that.

Once you have these basics sorted you can get as creative as you like with the toppings. Enjoy!