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How to Get the Best Out of Deep Frying

Posted On : 12 September 2014 | Category : All Hints & Tips, How To

Get the best out of frying!

• The oil must reach a good temperature to brown the exterior of the food quickly while cooking it. That temperature is almost always between 150C and 180C degrees.

• To be sure the oil is right use a frying thermometer.

• Use sunflower or canola oil for frying. It is low in saturated fat, has a high burning point, and does not detract from the flavour of the food you are frying.

• Avoid crowding food that is deep-fat-fried. The food must be surrounded by bubbling oil, and you must keep the temperature from falling too much. If you add too much food to a small amount of oil, the temperature will plummet, and the food will wind up greasy and soggy.

• Never fill the pot more than halfway with oil; this will prevent bubbling over when the food is added.

• Dry food well with paper towels before adding to the pot; it helps reduce splattering.