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How to Put Icing on a Cake

Posted On : 12 September 2014 | Category : All Hints & Tips, How To

• Use the icing as soon as it is made. All icing sets up quickly and either forms a crust or becomes very stiff.

• Buy a icing spatula to apply icing. A good icing spatula will enable you to work faster and the results will look great.

• Thin buttercream icing with evaporated milk or warm water. Use only a little liquid and use a icing spatula to mix in.

• Thin cold chocolate buttercream icing with a little hot water or hot coffee. Use only a small amount and mix in with a icing spatula.

• Always sprinkle toppings on while the icing is fresh, wet and sticky. When the icing is too dry for topping to stick, thin it with a little water or milk.

• Store buttercream icing in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Fresh is best, so don’t make buttercream icing in advance if possible.

• Always let the buttercream warm to room temperature before thinning it down for use.