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Natural From Brands Africa

Posted On : 26 February 2015 | Category : News & Articles

Do the right thing with Natural products, made naturally.

Fresh from Brands Africa comes the Natural range of pure herbs and spices, rubs, grinders and salt seasoning.

Natural pride themselves on ensuring that all their ingredients are naturally produced – no genetically modified organisms or methods are used during the farming processes and there are no preservatives, colorants or monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The products are steam pasteurized, dramatically reducing the need for additives and preservatives and extending shelf lives.


The Natural Herbs and Spices range has a huge following worldwide – from Australia, Japan, US, Canada, Europe to the Middle East.

Dynamic distribution company, Brands Africa is committed to bringing the very best range of products to the Zimbabwean table and this includes Natural Herbs and Spices.

So why not add a little goodness to your TASTE KITCHEN recipes with Natural – this healthy, quality range can be found in all our leading supermarkets.

Brands Africa is a leading name in distribution and their commercial division comprises of six units covering personal care, beverages, cosmetics and general merchandise, fine foods and hospitality. Hundreds of well-known brand favourites are delivered daily to retailers throughout the country.

Brands Africa are located at 51 Kelvin Road North, Graniteside, Harare
Telephone: (04) 751982 / 83 / 771736 / 771747