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Perfect Picnic Tips

Posted On : 5 April 2016 | Category : All Hints & Tips, Tips & Hints

Don’t forget to pack these items for a great day out.

Here are tips and a checklist of what not to leave behind. Remember lots of ice and sunblock. The rest is an easy relaxed trip. For something different, set up in your garden at home.

Fruity Slices – Cut oranges into quarters and freeze on trays. Children love these fruity ice blocks!

Finger foods – Good picnic finger food includes sticks of carrots, celery, pineapple chunks, slices of melon, hard-boiled eggs and small chunks of cheese.

Crisp salads – Don’t put the dressing on the salad before you go on a picnic. Place the dressing in a jar and freeze overnight. It will be thawed by the time it’s required and will add a cool touch to the salad.

Handy accessory – A Leatherman is indispensable on picnics. Buy one with a corkscrew, bottle opener and blades.

Salad containers – Ice cream, margarine, cottage cheese and sour cream containers are great for carrying salads and meats.

Cool butter – To keep butter cool on a hot day, place the whole container into a larger dish. Surround with ice cubes. The ice can then be used for drinks if it hasn’t com- pletely melted.

Water – Keep a 5 litre container full of water in your car. Handy for topping up a radiator or washing grubby hands and feet!

Cool drinks – Freeze box fruit drinks for long drives. They will provide a refreshing start, or end to a picnic.

Keep it cool – To keep a wine cask cool for a picnic, remove the bladder and freeze overnight. Wrap the bladder in a tea towel and pack in the basket. The wine will be icy cold for your picnic.

Dont Forget to Pack

  • Ice packs, or fill a couple of resealable bags with ice cubes: they’ll chill food as it’s transported and you can add ice cubes to your drinks during the picnic.
  • Take an assortment of drinks for kids and adults such as bottled water, soft drinks and juices.
  • Condiments. Some tomato sauces and mustards come in mini jars that are small enough to add to your basket. (Keep the jars to refill at home for your next picnic).
  • Salt and pepper. Allow everyone to season their food to their liking at the picnic spot.
  • Stackable plates. Easy to pack and repack.
  • Utensils, if needed. Opt for reusable utensils. If you are serving salads, you may need tongs or serving spoons.
  • Small cutting board and knives. Its always handy to have a firm surface for slicing meat, cheese and bread.
  • Corkscrew or bottle opener, or both. Napkins. If you prefer not to use cloth, look for ones made out of recycled paper or other materials.
  • Rubbish bags. Don’t leave a mess behind. Dispose of everything you bring to the picnic site.
  • Moist toilettes. When you don’t have access to running water, these make it easy to wash up after eating.
  • Paper towels. Keep a roll on hand for mopping up spills and wiping bowls, containers, plates and utensils before you pack them back up.
  • Blanket. It should be large enough to comfortably hold your picnic.
  • Small portable table. If you would prefer to keep your food off the ground and away from ants.
  • Thermos of hot water. For tea and coffee, as well as mugs, milk and sugar.
  • Matches. In case you are preparing food on a braai.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen and a selection of hats.