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Recipe Info

  • Yield : 24
  • Prep Time : 19:20 h
  • Ready In : 19:20 h


  • 840g Greek style yoghurt
  • 3 tsps salt
  • 60ml olive oil


Step 1

Combine yoghurt and salt in medium bowl, pour into muslin-lined large sieve or colander set over a large bowl.

Step 2

Gather corners of muslin together, twist, then tie with kitchen string. Place heavy can on muslin to weight yoghurt mixture, refrigerate 24 to 36 hours until yoghurt thickens (yoghurt will lose about half its weight in water, discard water in bowl).

Step 3

Place thickened yoghurt in small bowl, discard muslin. Roll level tablespoons of yoghurt into balls, place balls on a platter, drizzle with oil.

Step 4

Labne balls can be kept for up to 2 months in the refrigerator, pack balls into clean glass jar with tight-fitting lid, cover with olive oil, seal jar tightly before refrigerating.

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