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Traditional Summer Pudding


Recipe Info

  • Servings : 1
  • Prep Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 12:20 h

delicious Traditional Summer Pudding


  • 2 tablespoon(s) Berry Juice
  • 150g sugar
  • 350 grams washed, mixed summer fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  • 100 mL Berry Juice
  • 100 grams thin sliced white bread, crusts removed
  • Whipped cream or custard, to serve


Step 1

Stir 2 tbsp Berry Juice and sugar together and bring to a gentle boil. Add the berries and Berry Juice and simmer until softened, but still retain their shape. Put to one side to cool.

Step 2

Line a medium sized pudding basin with the bread slices, ensuring there are no gaps. Fill with the stewed fruit and cover the top with more bread slices. Make sure to not add too much of the juice from the fruit. Too much and the bread will lose its shape, yet there must be enough to soak into the bread.

Step 3

Place a saucer with a weight on top (a can of tomatoes or beans is ideal) and chill overnight in fridge

Step 4

The next day, before serving, turn the pudding out onto a plate and serve with the whipped cream or custard.

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