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Recommended products in April 2016

Posted On : 1 April 2016 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in April 2016: Picnic Time!


Avocados, $1.19 p/kg

Delicious on sandwiches or make a tangy guacamole dip and serve with chips. Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Bastille Turbo Braai, $230

A light and portable braai that enables you to enjoy it wherever you like. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.



Garfunkels Beefy Biltong

Zimbabweans favourite beefy snack! Never go on a picnic without it. Available at most supermarkets.





What’s a picnic without cheese? Slice up some cheddar or Gouda for sandwiches or serve creamy Camembert and blue cheese with crackers. Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.



Cooler Bag, $30

This easy-to-carry cooler bag is perfect for packing and keeping your food or drinks cool. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.



English Cucumber, $0.89

Refreshing cucumbers are always great in sandwiches or cut them into sticks and serve with a dip. Available at Food Lover’s Market.



Food Lover’s Fruit Juice 200ml, $0.49

A perfect drink idea for the kids! Freeze them for long drives. They will provide a refreshing start, or end, to a picnic. Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Fresh Bread Rolls, $0.20 each

Food Lover’s Market offer a large range of fresh baked rolls, perfect for sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. Choose from whole-wheat, seeded, garlic, Portuguese and more! Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Garfunkels Hot Dogs

A traditional picnic staple! Choose from three delicious flavours: gourmet Cheese Grillers, classic Viennas or smokey Frankfurters. Available at most supermarkets.



Gherkins, $2.99

A picnic friendly favourite! Slice up and put in your sandwiches or serve as finger food. Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Glass Water Bottles, $9

Make homemade lemonade and take it in these funky bottles to your picnic. Available at Sassafras, Avondale.





Grapes, $1.69

P/tub, grapes are a great idea for finger food as no need to slice or prepare. Perfect served on a platter with cheese and crackers. Available at Food Lover’s Market.



Heart Picnic Board, $16

Don’t forget to take a chopping board with you on your picnic. You will need a sturdy surface to slice up fruit, cheeses, meats and more. Available at Aura, Sam Levy’s Village.




Probrands Korn Kurlz

A puffy corn snack that is loved by all kids and adults alike! Available at most supermarkets.





Leisure Licious Picnic Basket, $210

Head to the outdoors with this basket. Comes with cutlery, glasses and napkins for 4 people. Also includes a cooler bag section and sturdy carrier strap. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.





Moulinex Masterchef 5000, $235

This food processor will make light work of your chopping, kneading and blending tasks while looking great on your counter top too. Available at Dusk Home, Kitch’n Sync, Kitchen Kingdom and Fazaks Bulawayo.



Picnic Plates & Serviettes, from $5 & $3

Light and portable and no need to clean plates afterwards. Available at Sassafras, Sam Levy’s Village.




Polka Dot Bottles, $3

Have fun with your fruit drinks or homemade lemonade! The lid comes with a hole for a straw. Available at Sassafras, Avondale.



Pop Chef, $40

Push, pop and eat! This food cutter uses an innovative 3-in-1 air popping action to let even the most basic home chef make edible masterpieces. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.




Tefal so tasty stainless steel fry pans, from $36 – $47

Good quality non-stick cookware designed for long- lasting cooking performance. Available in 24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 30cm. Available at Dusk Home, Kitch’n Sync, Kitchen Kingdom and Fazaks Bulawayo.



Thermal Bag, $5

The perfect picnic accessory! Keep your hot foods hot or cold foods cold. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.