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Recommended Products in April

Posted On : 10 September 2014 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in April: Delicious items in store

Baobab Powder

Try me…

Baobab Powder
Baobab fruit fibre forms naturally inside the hard-shelled fruit of the African baobab tree. “The powder is pale in colour and has a unique tangy taste described as ‘caramel pear with subtle tones of grapefruit’. Baobab has been termed a super fruit by nutrition scientists. However not every fruit qualifies. Those deemed “super” by nutrition scientists are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients that can help you live longer, look better, and even prevent diseases.
From tree to table
A local company, Speciality foods of Africa has recently launched its Baobab range of products under the brand Yobab. The company produces baobab maheu, baobab jam, baobar (a snack bar), and baobab fruit pulp which is used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes.
Baobab in your food cabinet
• Fruit smoothies
• Breakfast cereals, cereal bars and healthy snacks
• Ice creams, yoghurts and dairy desserts
• Jams, sauces, chutneys, marinades and condiments
• Specialty teas
• Vitamin and mineral fortification mixes and health supplements
The Baobab Powder is available in Eskbank Shops, Bon Marche Belgravia, Bon Marche Bond Street and Fife Avenue Spar


Vital Mini Rice CakesEat me…
Vital Mini Rice Cakes $1.50
Great with dips or on its own, these mini crispy bites pop with flavour and are the ideal snacking solution. Add it to the kids’ lunch boxes, take it to the office or munch on it during the game. Share the goodness of wholegrain brown rice with a tasty twist. Vital Flavoured Mini Rice Cakes are made of GMO-free, wholegrain brown rice and completely free from AZO dyes like tartrazine.
Available most supermarkets



Illovo Golden Syrup

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Illovo Golden Syrup $2.50
This month I am using this on pancakes, ice cream sundaes and on top of bananas. The squeeze bottle and resealable cap makes it fuss free and avoids all those sticky fingers and jars. Any day is pancake day in our home! Illovo is the finest quality syrup for use in
cooking, baking, as a spread or even as a topping for your favourite dessert.
Available most supermarkets


Fresher's Chunky ChutneyUse me…
Fresher’s Chunky Peach Chutney $2.45
Amazing value: $2.45 for 750g. Chutney plus cream cheese is a great combination. Here are two ways to serve it:
1. Place a block of cream cheese on a plate and spoon the chutney over it. Serve with crackers and knives.
2. Pulse the cream cheese and chutney together in a food processor or blender. If it seems too thick, add a splash of milk. Serve this as a dip.
Available Food Lover’s Markets