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Recommended Products in August 2015

Posted On : 3 August 2015 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Kitchen Tools & Food Notes!
Great Buys in August 2015: Delicious items and must have kitchen tools in store!

Kitchen Tools



Strawberry Slicer $7

A handy gadget that features a slicing guide to prevent strawberries from falling out. Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync.
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Defy Hand Blender $74

A robust stainless steel design with two speed settings including a turbo function. A fantastically versatile tool for any kitchen. Available at Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store.


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Tefal Sensorielle Red Stewpan, from $63

A great product that features Tefal’s latest and best Intensium non stick coating for cooking without oil, and the unique Thermo Spot. Prepare your food the way a professional chef would. Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync, Spar Village and Spar Bridge.

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Avocado Pro $5

Open, pit, slice, scoop and mash; the five in one tool to prepare avocados faster. Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync.



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Defy Electric Stove $683

A sleek black electric stove with four solid plates and a static oven with five function selector switch; the perfect stove to create those perfect meals. Available at Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store.


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Spirelli Spiral Slicer $40

A handy slicer that creates beautiful mounds of julienne carrots, baby marrows, cucumbers and all kinds of other firm vegetables. Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync.

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Defy Combi Fridge/Freezer $745

A superb fridge/freezer that is designed to cool quickly and freeze rapidly, while offering a generous capacity with adjustable removable shelves. An energy efficient appliance that is a must have for every kitchen. Available at Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store.


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Hotery Chef’s Torch $55

An essential tool for preparing your classic and signature crème brûlée. Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync.

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Moulinex Masterchef 8000 $340

A colourful food processor with a retro design that will be a great help in your kitchen. The Masterchef does it all: grate, dice, chop, mince and mix, and prepare fruit juices, soups and milkshakes! Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync.
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Inox Coffee Maker $80

This stainless steel coffee maker is both elegant and efficient, with a high quality glass jug for 12 cups and programmable start. Available at Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store.
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Food Notes

Lays Potato Chips: Spring Onion & Cheese Flavour $1.75

Available at selected supermarkets.






Crackerbread Maize Toast $2.75

Gluten free and crispy for any toppings, such as Simonsberg Cream Cheese, $3.39. Available at selected supermarkets.
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Buffet Pimento Stuffed Olives $2.50 & Liberty Select Poppadums $2.45

Ideal for snacks and entertaining. Available at selected supermarkets.




Liberty Select Cocktail Gherkins $3.69

These juicy gherkins can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or used as a tasty garnish. Available at selected supermarkets.
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Knorr Cook-In-Sauces, from $1.11

Great products to have on hand to make a meal memorable. Available at selected supermarkets. 

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Natural Herbs & Spices Refills, from $0.85 (20g)

Refill all your spices and herb bottles this month, naturally. Available at selected supermarkets.






Green Rooibos Chai Spiced Tea $3.40

Try something new! A smooth, gentle, calming tea. Available at selected supermarkets.





Seeds of Success $1.85

Each, start planting your own selection of fresh herbs. Available at selected supermarkets.





Jungle Oats Apple & Cinnamon $4.09 for 10 sachets & Kefalos Aloe Vera with Green Tea Yoghurt $2.60 (500ml)

Make breakfast a cinch. Available at selected supermarkets.




Rose’s Lime Cordial $3.69

Rose’s Lime gives extra flavour to all beverages when you want the fresh taste of Lime. Available at selected supermarkets.







Pierre Jourdan Brut, from &14.70 

A classic Champagne blend with aromas of pear and ocean spray. Serve well chilled. Available at selected supermarkets. 


If you are running a bit late or forgot to chill your sparkling wine, wrap it up in a wet tea towel and pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes. You’ll be serving up perfectly chilled glasses to your guests in no time. 
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Garfunkels Salami Sticks 

Stock up on these Garfunkels Salami Sticks for a quick and delicious snack! No Added MSG either. Available at selected supermarkets.







Appletiser $1.49

Available at selected supermarkets.








Tanqueray London Dry Gin $21.00

Available at selected supermarkets.







TK Star Buys Recipe

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Handy Andy Ultra Hygiene 

The Taste Kitchen loves this dual power detergent! We recommend Handy Andy’s new Ultra Hygiene with the dual strong and effective cleaning power of cream and bleach.






Books for Cooks

The Food & Cooking of Mexico by Jane Milton

A comprehensive introduction to every aspect of Mexican cooking, including its historical and geographical influences, its contemporary social background, and its worldwide popularity.
Available at Kitch ‘n’ Sync, $22.