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Recommended products in February 2016

Posted On : 10 February 2016 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in February 2016: Love food this month!


An unusual combination of coke and vanilla, recently relaunched across the globe. Available at Food Lover’s Market










Tropical, sun-ripened mangoes with their lush, silky flavour meets the sweet aroma of ripe strawberries. Food Lover’s Market, $6.79






Quickly prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner with this sandwich maker from Tefal!Available at Kitchen Kingdom, Fazaks, Dusk Home, TV Sales Arundel, Kitch ‘n’ Sync and selected supermarkets, $32.90





Is ideal for a quick temperature rise and for cooking your meat/fish without any fat and has an exceptionally hard enamel resistance for durability.Available at Kitchen Kingdom, Fazaks, Dusk Home, TV Sales Arundel, Kitch ‘n’ Sync and selected supermarkets, $18.00




Set the night alight with this pair of flame free, smoke free, worry free candles. Flickering LED light realistically simulates burning candle. Set includes glass holders and charger.Available at Lighting World, $30.00




This rich and creamy cheese is made with the finest jersey milk in the fine French tradition.Available at most supermarkets, $3.85







Do something different: Make a cocktail!
7 or 8 sprigs fresh red basil
25ml simple syrup
1 lime, cut into wedges
Ice cubes
50ml rum
Add red basil and simple syrup to a highball glass; muddle well with a muddler or wooden spoon. Add limes and continue to muddle until well combined. Fill glass three-quarters full with ice. Add rum and serve immediately.Available at Food Lovers Market




A tongue twisting sweet heat taste sensation! Add to everything from pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and salads. Delicious filled with cream cheese.Available at most supermarkets, $3.79




Hot, fresh pizza in your own home! This portable gas pizza oven retains the look of an authentic wood fired pizza and can be used indoors and outdoors. Comes with selected accessories. Available at Kitch’n Sync, $950




An authentic blend of traditional herbs and spices, perfect for cooking Thai dishes. Available at Food Lover’s Market.Available at most supermarkets, $1.19







Finest Swiss milk chocolate hearts, wrapped in shiny red.Available at most supermarkets, $1.75





Crafted from a secret recipe, LINDOR truffles by Lindt are the ultimate smooth melting chocolate delight. Available at most supermarkets, $11.10





This ready made frosting is so delicious, and great for piping on cupcakes or spreading on a cake or simply eaten on its own!Available at Food Lover’s Market, $8.29




Create your own signature ice cream with these delicate cones.Available at Food Lover’s Market, $5.09










A hot dogs best friend! These viennas are full of flavour and perfect for a weekend lunch idea.Available at most supermarkets







Red peppers are endlessly versatile. Roast, fry, slice or blend into a pesto.Available at Foodlover’s Market, $4.69p/kg






Savour sweet, juicy peaches and plums this summer. Slice into cereal or yoghurt at breakfast or make into a decadent fruit flan to impress a dinner date.Available at Foodlover’s Market, $3.89p/kg




A tasty maize snack with a smoky barbecue flavour.Available at Foodlover’s Market, $1.19










100g of pure hand-crafted Belgian chocolate filled with smooth hazelnut paste.Available at Veldemeers, $6.00





Delicious hand-crafted Belgian chocolates. Dark or milk chocolate hearts with hazelnuts.Available at Veldemeers, $2.00 each




Drindless loin bacon, 2 steaks per 250g pack. Fantastic grilled or fried, ideal for lunch
or dinner.Available at most supermarkets