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Recommended Products in February

Posted On : 10 September 2014 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in February: Delicious items in store


Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles

Eat me…
Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles $10.79
Perfectly balanced dark chocolate offers a deeply indulgent premium chocolate experience . The individually wrapped dark truffles, with a smooth melting centre are enrobed in delicious Lindt dark chocolate and contain at least 60% cocoa solids. Indulge in your dark side with these delectable chocolates.
Available Food Lover’s Markets and most supermarkets.



Naturals Grinders


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Naturals Grinders $2.50
Cinnamon and Sugar. These grinders are a perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar. Perfect for use on apple pie, pancakes and other sweet dishes, or grind into coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Used moderately,it will also add flavour to vegetables.
Available most supermarkets.



Nestle Caramel Treat


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Nestlé Caramel Treat $2.24
A great tasting caramelized blend of full cream milk and sugar. Use Nestlé Treat instead of creaming icing sugar and butter/margarine for normal icing. It can be used for filling and topping home made biscuits, muffins, cup cakes, pastries, chocolate and tarts.
Available Food Lover’s Markets and most supermarkets.