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Recommended products in July 2016

Posted On : 30 June 2016 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in July 2016: Whip up a warming winter meal with these great food products picked out by The Taste Kitchen.


5 Piece Cast Iron Set, $210

This cast iron set from Fine Living is a multi-functional cookware set that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes and all your favourite meals.
Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.




Calcutta Spices, $1.99

Ready made spice blends from a variety of cuisines, all ready for the pot.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Coconut Oil, $13.59

Very stable at high temperatures, coconut oil is great for frying. Ideal for use in baking, desserts, smoothies and shakes. A natural spread for use in place of margarine or butter.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Crown Pumpkin, $1.99 each

A winter favourite, this nutritious vegetable is perfect for soups, bakes, roasts and much more!
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Fresh Chillies, $2.29/kg

Pack a punch in your cooking with fresh chillies.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Fresh Ginger, $6.99/kg

Fresh ginger makes all the difference in enhancing curries.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Garfunkels Rindless Bacon

Enjoy the height of convenience with its tempting smoky flavour. Bacon is versatile, quick and ideal at anytime of the day! Perfect for pizzas, pastas, bakes and so much more.
Available at most supermarkets.




Jeera Poppadums, $3.49

Hand made delicious Indian crisp bread, perfect for scooping up sambals, chutney or curries.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Kefalos Pure Ghee Butter, from $3.20

A clarified butter used widely in Indian cuisine. It is standard in many types of curries, as a base for a sauce or on its own, melted as a dip for bread.
Available at most supermarkets.




Knorr Dry Curry Cook-in-Sauce, $1.29

Make easy dinner recipes with a range of tasty dry cook-in-sauces from Knorr. Try the Mild Durban Curry or the Thai Green Curry.
Available at most supermarkets.




Lindt Excellence

Created by master chocolatiers. Indulge in a unique and sophisticated sensory experience with a variety of milk and dark chocolate flavour combinations for the ultimate chocolate pleasure.
Available at most supermarkets.




Ma-Hat-Ma Jasmine Rice, $4.59

Rice goes hand-in-hand with Thai cuisine. Try this aromatic and flavour filled Jasmine rice.
Available at most supermarkets.




Mango Pickle, $2.39

The perfect accompaniment to a hot curry.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Moulinex Blender, $59

Create wonderful soups and smoothies as well as grinding coffee and spices with the multifunctional blender.
Available at Dusk Home, Fazaks Bulawayo and Kitch’n Sync.




Moulinex Frutelia PRO, $115

Prepare daily fresh juices, with a variety of fruits and vegetables for all your family.
Available at Dusk Home, Fazaks Bulawayo and Kitch’n Sync.




Natural Hot Curry Powder

The perfect accompaniment to Eastern, Indian, Malay and Thai meals. A refill option is available. Available at most supermarkets.





Pot Stand, $7

Protect your surfaces from hot pots with this pot stand.
Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.






Rajah Flavourful & Mild Curry Powder, $0.99

Mild enough for the whole family to enjoy with full curry flavour and mouth watering Rajah aroma that you love, without the dish being too hot.
Available at most supermarkets.





Rhodes Potatoes & Chickpeas in Curry, $1.15

Convenient and delicious. Simply add to your curry for a quick, filling and tasty meal.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.






Rotis, $2.99

Delicious Indian flat breads that are perfect for mopping up curries and sauces.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Spice Rack, $115

Bring style and functionality to your kitchen with an Olde Thompson orbit spice rack. Available at Kitch’n Sync, Sam Levy’s Village.