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Recommended Products in June 2015

Posted On : 27 May 2015 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Rise & Shine!
Food Notes in June 2015: Delicious items in store!

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Defy Juicer, $140

This stainless steel juicer is an elegant and efficient commodity for your kitchen.
Tradecom Africa DEFY 5 Concept Store





Defy Black Sense Kettle, $82

Everyone needs a great kettle to keep them going throughout winter, we recommend Defy’s Black Sense Kettle.
Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store

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Nespresso Inissia Black, $300

Make the perfect cup of coffee every time with Nespresso Inissie.

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Defy Inox Toaster, $67

Warm up this winter with fresh and delicious toast for breakfast.
Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store.

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Nespresso Pods, $12 for 10

Get your favourite flavoured Nespresso pods to create irresistible coffees.
Kitch ‘n’ Sync





Defy Combi C386 Fridge/Freezer, $898

Revamp your kitchen with this energy efficient, multifunctional fridge and freezer.
Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store







Defy 4 Burner Gas 2 Electric Stainless Steel Multifunction Stove, $2,027

This multifunctional tasteful design will make a powerful statement in your kitchen.
Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store





Defy Hand Blender Set, $105

Everything you need to blend up some delicious soup this winter.
Tradecom Africa DEFY Concept Store

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Knorr Pasta & Sauce, from $2.09 each

Make your own delicious comfort food with these quick and easy pasta sauce packets, available at most supermarkets.
Available at most supermarkets.





Books for Cooks

In Three Easy Steps

Cooking gourmet, restaurant-quality food at home can be a bit stressful and seems to involve long and complicated instructions. In this book, Conrad Gallagher uses his wealth of experience as a chef to distill his recipes to create fabulous meals that can be prepared in just three simple steps.
Available at Blackstones, $19.



Easy Indian in Minutes

Easy Indian in Minutes provides over 50 simple recipes to make at home in less than half an hour.There are plenty of tempting main courses to choose from, as well as vegetarian options, and sweet dishes.
Available at Blackstones, $15.





The Winter Foodie

Here are a few great ideas to keep the party going this winter:

• Comfort Foods Potluck – There’s nothing better than comfort food on a cold day, so why not gather up some of your friends and family and have everyone bring their favourite comfort food dish. Serve it up buffet-style with a great selection of wines and
hot drinks.

•WinterWonderland Picnic -Take the party outdoors and soak
up some beautiful sunshine. Pack some warming winter foods and a few blankets for your winter picnic.

• Chilli or Curry Cook-Off – Heat things up this winter with a friendly cook-off. Have a group of friends over to cook some hot chilli
dishes, if you have the space, or get everyone to bring their best chilli or curry dish for judging. Either way you get to
have fantastic food with your nearest and dearest!


Winter Combo:

Try Fairview Traditional Brie & Graham Beck The Game Reserve Shiraz