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Recommended products in March 2015

Posted On : 18 March 2015 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in March 2015: Delicious items in store!

Lindt Gold BunnyLindt Gold Bunny

Everyone is awaiting the arrival of the Lindt Gold Bunny to make their Easter celebrations perfect. 50g, 100g and the 200g bunnies available. Most supermarkets, from $4 to $12





Veldemeers Gold BoxVeldemeers Gold Box

17 egg shaped Belgian chocolates, presented in an elegant gold box. Veldemeers shops (04) 486 169





Veldemeers Easter EggsVeldemeers Easter Eggs

Four beautifully crafted Belgian chocolate Easter eggs. Veldemeers shops (04) 486 169





AAJ Bakery Plain Pita BreadAAJ Bakery Plain Pita Bread

A tasty, healthy and fun pocket bread alternative for your favourite sandwich and a great accompaniment for dips. Most supermarkets, $2.19





La Belinda ChickpeasLa Belinda Chickpeas

Chickpeas are so versatile: from soups, to curries or salads. A great price too at $0.99. Food Lover’s Market, $0.99





Food Lover’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Food Lover’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a must have essential in your kitchen. Great value for 750ml. Food Lover’s Market, $7.69







Garfunkels Premium & Streaky BaconGarfunkels Premium & Streaky Bacon

Garfunkels bacon is wood smoked for flavour. A rindless Premium option is also available. We love to chop it this month on salads, add to pasta, sandwiches, pizzas and of course, breakfast! Most supermarkets.



Natural Tumeric & Paprika SpicesNatural Tumeric & Paprika Spices

Tumeric is superb with stews,Tikka Masala, curries and salad dressings. Paprika is ideal with pork, chicken dishes and marinades. Most supermarkets, $1.69






Granoro CannelloniGranoro Cannelloni

The cannelloni shells, with their wide cavity makes them particularly suitable to accommodate your rich sauces and fillings. Most supermarkets, $2.49




Moir’s Raspberry JellyMoir’s Raspberry Jelly

Make some fun and creative wobbling shapes to gobble up with some ice cream. Most supermarkets, $0.99