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Recommended products in March 2016

Posted On : 26 February 2016 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in March 2016: Sunny sideup!


Camisa Fruit Juice

The perfect accompaniment to any breakfast, available in a range of exciting and refreshing flavours. Available at most supermarkets






Garfunkels Cumberland Pork Sausages

A truly traditional Pork Sausage – new from Garfunkels. These sausages are filled with coarsely ground prime pork with a delicious blend of spices. Available at most supermarkets



Hot Cross Buns

Enjoy the freshest Hot Cross Buns from Food Lover’s Market – the ultimate Easter breakfast. Available at Food Lover’s Market $1.99





Kefalos Yoghurt

Kefalos Yoghurt is not just any yoghurt. It’s crafted with care, is thick, velvety and smooth. Enjoy great quality, freshness and choice with live AB cultures. Available at most supermarkets



Lindor Sharing Box

These Lindor sharing bags from Lindt are filled with the famous Lindor chocolate balls, and are perfect to enjoy with your friends and family, whatever the occasion.
Available at most supermarkets, from $22



Lindt-Gold-Bunny, 50g,100g, 200g,500g,1kg

Fall in love with the famous Gold Bunny this Easter or treat someone else toadorablesuperzised chocolate rabbits. Available at most supermarkets (500g and 1kg available at the Bridge Spar, Village Spar, TM Borrowdale & PnP Arundel), from $4.50 – $87



Lupark Butter

Breakfast isn’t breakfast without butter! Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli




Moulinex Vet Press

Get your daily dose of vitamin C and juice your citrus fruit with this handy and stylish citrus press. Available at Dusk Home, Kitch’n Sync, Kitchen Kingdom and Fazaks Bulawayo, $49.99



Veldemeers Easter Eggs

Four beautifully crafted Belgian chocolates. Available at Veldemeers, $6




Wellingtons Worcestershire Sauce

A tangy condiment that is a firm favourite at any breakfast table. Available at Food Lover’s Market, $2.79







Wiltshie Silicone Whisk

Whip up a sunny breakfast with this vibrant yellow whisk. Enjoy making scrambled eggs to omelettes.Available at Kitch’n Sync, $7






Ballyhouse Orange Crush

BallyHouse is 50% fruit juice when undiluted and is tartrazine free. Enjoy other delicious flavours such as passion fruit, mango and orange & lemon & lime. Available at most supermarkets






There’s nothing like a banana at breakfast to keep those mid-morning cravings at bay. Bananas are one of the best sources of resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate that keeps you feeling fuller longer. Available at Food Lover’s Market, $0.99 p/kg



Garfunkels Premium Bacon

A lean rasher of bacon, cured and wood smoked to perfection. The first choice for breakfast! Available at most supermarkets





Irvines Eggs

What’s breakfast without eggs? Crack open the goodness with the freshest eggs from Irvine’s. Available at most supermarkets, $4.80 for 24





Leopard Forest Coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee! Enjoy a great cup of gourmet coffee from beans grown locally in the Eastern Highlands. Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli





Microwave Egg Poacher

Make perfectly cooked poached eggs with this egg poacher. You can also re-heat breakfast meats like sausages or bacon on the inner lid. Available at Kitch’n Sync, $8




Start a morning ritual of eating fresh pineapple for breakfast, either blended into a smoothie or sliced on its own. Available at Foodlover’s Market, $1.99 each







Simonsberg Cheddar Cheese

Make the perfect cheesy omelette for breakfast with Simonsberg Mild or
Mature Cheddar.Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli




Stoneware Coffee Mug

Sip your favourite hot drinks in style with this patterned coffee mug. Available at Spar, $3.25 each





Fresh sweetcorn is perfect for delicious sweetcorn fritters. Try the Taste Kitchen’s recipe for Bacon & Sweetcorn fritters. Available at most supermarkets, $1.99 for 4




Veldermeers Gold Box

17 egg shaped Belgian chocolates presented in an elegant gold box. Available at Veldemeers, $16





Probrands Baked Beans

A quintessential breakfast staple, baked beans in a rich tomato sauce. Available at most supermarkets







Tefal 24/28cm 2 Piece Fry Pan Set

Ideal frying pans for searing food, frying eggs, bacon and more. Available at Dusk Home, Kitch’n Sync, Kitchen Kingdom and Fazaks Bulawayo, $49.99