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Recommended products in March 2017

Posted On : 2 March 2017 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in March 2017: Make a Mediterranean feast, or plan the perfect menu for your next camping trip with The Taste Kitchen.


Garfunkels Hot Dogs
Make the very best of your camping trip with the delicious range of Garfunkels Hot Dogs. Flavours include smoked Frankfurters, classic Viennas and Cheese Grillers.
Available at most supermarkets.





Prepare a hearty moussaka with fresh aubergine – a dish to impress!
Available at most supermarkets.






Fresh Asparagus, $2.99/ punnet
Quick and easy to cook, and makes any dish feel just a little more special.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.





Fresh Hot Dog Rolls
An essential building block for everyone’s favourite meal – hot dogs!
Available at most supermarkets.





Granny Smith Apples,$1.59kg
Fresh, juicy green granny smith apples are the ideal fruit to take with you when travelling. They make the perfect healthy snack to keep hunger at bay.
Available at most supermarkets.





Irvine’s Chicken Drumsticks
Irvine’s Chicken has star quality at the campsite. Parboil chicken drumsticks at home until done. Chill the meat and keep everything cold for faster grilling when you get to camp! Brush on your favourite BBQ sauce at the end.
Available at selected supermarkets.



John West Tuna Sachets,$2.29
These tuna sachets are light and portable, ideal for camping and hiking trips.
Available at most supermarkets.





Mealies,$1.89 for 4
Take a few mealies on your next camping trip. Wrap them up in tin foil and cook them over a re for a quick and easy meal. Serve with butter and salt and pepper – delicious!
Available at most supermarkets.




Mixed Raw Nuts,$2.70/100g
An energy boosting treat and an essential snack when hiking.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.






Irvine’s Chicken Sausages,
Irvine’s Chicken Sausages are not only packed full of protein, they’re extremely tasty and of outstanding quality too.
Available at most supermarkets.





Selection of Superb Cheese,
Create a Mediterranean feast with these ne cheeses brought to you by The Cheeseman.
Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.






Sirloin Steak,$12.69/kg
Nothing is better than a juicy steak cooked over hot coals.
Available at most supermarkets.





Spar Grated Beetroot,$1.99
Enjoy in sandwiches, salads, or straight from the jar. Perfect as a hot dog topping too.
Available at selected SPAR stores.





Spar Mustard Sauce 500ml,$2.45
Tangy yet mild, this squeeze top mustard sauce tops your hot dogs with flavour!
Available at selected SPAR stores.






Spar Olives,$1.79
These Greek olives have a rich earthy flavour and are the classic olive choice when it comes to salads.
Available at Available at selected SPAR stores.





Food Lovers Greek Dressing,$2.79
A Greek salad is all about the dressing.
Available at Food Lover’s Market








Spar Fruit Fuel Coconut Water,$1.89
100% pure coconut water extracted from fresh coconuts. Refreshing and hydrating.
Available at selected SPAR stores.







Spar Veggie Plus,$2.95/can
Stay healthy with SPAR Veggie Plus, a range of delicious vegetable juices for those who want to make healthier choices.
Available at selected SPAR stores.







St. Clairs Club Soda 500ml,$0.65
Create refreshing cocktails with St. Clairs premium quality club soda.
Available at most supermarkets.









Willards Thingz, $0.80
Irresistible snack that everyone loves! Take a packet or two on your next camping trip to make everyone happy.
Available at most supermarkets.