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Recommended products in October 2016

Posted On : 28 September 2016 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in October 2016: Enjoy the braai season with us!  We’ve picked out these products to add to your outdoor fun.

Mature Sirloin Steak $10.99/kg 

What’s better than a juicy sirloin steak cooked to perfection on the grill?
Available at selected supermarkets.



 Robertsons Spices, from $1.99

The Barbecue Spice is a rich and tangy blend of ground spices and herbs, designed to add delicious flavour to braai meat and meat dishes. For succulent, tenderised meat, use Robertsons Meat Tenderiser.  It contains enzymes that help to break down tougher meat fibres.
Available at most supermarkets.




Whether they’re used in a dip or added to a salad, avocados are a must-have at any gathering.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.



Pearlenta Fast Cook

A braai isnt the same without sadza!  Make this Fast Cook sadza in just 5 minutes.
Available at most supermarkets.




Jalapeño Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $6.79

Unique and full of flavour to enhance any savoury dish. Available at Food Lover’s Market.




Food Lovers Smokey BBQ Marinade

Add flavour to meat with this fabulous smokey barbecue marinade.
Available at Food Lover’s Market.



Garfunkels Streaky Bacon

Add extra flavour to your chicken kebabs by wrapping the chicken in Garfunkels Bacon. Available at most supermarkets.



NEW! Irvine’s Chicken Boerewors

Full of sizzling flavour! Enjoy Irvine’s new Chicken Boerewors at your next braai.
Available at most supermarkets.



Kefalos Ice Cream

Award winning ice cream that’s creamy and delicious.  The ideal dessert for a braai on a hot day. Available at The Cheeseman Deli and most supermarkets.




Kefalos Kefalotiri ,$11.66/kg

Add extra flavour to your grilled meats by sprinkling over grated Kefalotiri, or add to your salads and side dishes.
Available at The Cheeseman Deli and most supermarkets.




Mangoes $5.99/kg

Fresh mangoes are versatile and can be used in salads to make a tasty summer side dish for a braai.  Or slice it and serve on top of Greek yoghurt or ice cream for tropical flavour. Available at most supermarkets.



Bamboo Skewers, from $1.49

Skewers are an essential component for making kebabs. Whether its beef, pork, chicken or lamb, kebabs are always a favourite.  Don’t forget to soak the skewers in water for 30 minutes before threading your meat. Available at most supermarkets.



NEW!  Homestyle Sauces

Add irresistibale flavour to your meals with these tasty sauces! Locally produced and include Barbeque, Worcester, Soy Sauce, Peri Peri and Sweet Chilli. Available at most supermarkets.



Hot Dog Rolls, $0.90 for 6

Make the ultimate boerie rolls at your next braai with fresh hot dog rolls. Available at Sassafras.




Rhodes Braai Relish, $0.75 each

Ideal for an instant relish to go with grilled meats and sadza.
Available at most supermarkets.





A perfect side to complement braai meat. Butter, salt and a little pepper are all you really need to bring out their natural sweetness. Available at most supermarkets.



Cherry Tomatoes, $1.50/punnet

Cherry tomatoes are irresistible when grilled.  Add them to kebabs with other ingredients or just grill them on their own. Available at most supermarkets.




Egg Plant, $1.49/kg

Egg plant is superb on the braai!  Slice it up and sprinkle with olive oil and herbs and place over hot coals.  It’s a great vegetarian option too.
Available at most supermarkets.



NEW!  Hostile Chilli Sauces

Turn up the heat with these new chilli sauces. Range includes Hot, Very Hot and Extra Hot Sweet Chilli.
Available at most supermarkets.