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Recommended Products in September

Posted On : 26 September 2014 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

Food Notes in September: Delicious items in store

Chippies Prego Hot Sauce


Chippies Prego Hot Sauce
A lovely mixture of chillies, garlic and spices, great with chicken, beef or seafood dishes, or on its own as a tantalizing sauce to spice up your meal.
Food Lover’s Market, $3.19




Montalbano Capperi Lacrimella


Montalbano Capperi Lacrimella
Montalbano’s capers are perfect for pizzas, appetizers, main dishes and to enhance the flavour of sauces and gravies.
Food Lover’s Market, $2.69




Simmonsberg low fat cream cheese


Tangy Mustard Flavoured Low Fat Cream Cheese

Use this light and fluffy melt-in-your-mouth cream cheese as a quick and fresh dip for bruschetta or savoury biscuits.
Food Lover’s Market, $2.99



Montalbano delicata ai peperoni


Montalbano Delicata ai Peperoni
Creamy, intense and spicy, this mouth watering sauce will turn any slice of bread into a tasty appetizer! It is also a great sauce for a braai with your friends.
Food Lover’s Market, $3.99



Griss D'or


Griss D’Or Al Rosmarino
These delicious crispy bread sticks are a perfect snack for you and your kids, they are also a quick and easy choice to serve at a dinner party.
Food Lover’s Market, $4.29



Fuze Tea Lemon Flavoured


Lemon Fuze Tea

Add a lovely fresh zing to your day! Enjoy this refreshing drink with your lunch or for a mid afternoon pick-me-up.
Food Lover’s Market, $1.55