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WHAT’S IN STORE in August 2018

Posted On : 31 July 2018 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

WHAT’S IN STORE in August 2018: Our pick of this month’s most exciting foodie buys

Middle Cut Bacon
An ideal choice for sandwiches and yummy rolls, this lean reduced fat loin bacon with shorter rounder rashers is the prime bacon to serve for an extra special breakfast!
Available at most supermarkets.



Simonsberg/President Feta
Make a fresh spring salad even more flavourful with Simonsberg/President Feta with Herbs!
Available at most supermarkets The Cheeseman Deli.



Thrive Kombucha & Living Water Kefir, from $2.19
Handcrafted active culture with live probiotics. Kombucha and Kefir are fantastic alternatives to energy and fizzy drinks.
Available at most supermarkets.



Fresh Blueberries, $5.99/punnet
These little blue bombers are ideal for adding to your cocktail for a fruity flavour and burst of colour.
Available at most supermarkets.



Gorgeous Sparkling
Gorgeous Sparkling is a delightful new sparkling wine displaying enticing floral undertones with a palate of raspberry cream, juicy strawberries and nuances of spiced peach and delicate cherry blossom. This bubbly is just the ticket for celebrations, special occasions or simply when toasting life’s everyday ‘little’ pleasures.
Available from most supermarkets or La Distra Brut on a wholesale basis.


The Duchess Floral
The Duchess Floral is crafted with the fragrant floral extracts of citrus blossoms, Primrose and the indigenous Honeybush. The oral notes harmoniously blend with the refreshing bitterness of the gin and tonic profile to create the perfect anytime drink. Enjoy a refreshing gin & tonic without the alcohol & sugar.
Available from most supermarkets or La Distra Brut on a wholesale basis.


The Duchess Botanical
With incredible attention to detail, The Duchess has been crafted with re-distilled juniper berries and botanically infused tonic water. It has the distinct gin & tonic taste, blended with aromatic layers of orange peel, all spice, star aniseed, cloves and cardamom. Enjoy a refreshing gin & tonic without the alcohol & sugar.
Available from most supermarkets or La Distra Brut on a wholesale basis.


Colcom Chakalaka Boerewors
Heat things up! Enjoy Zimbabwe’s favourite boerewors with a spicy twist. With our blend of spices, Colcom Chakalaka Boerewors is a tantalizing addition to any flavourful stew or grill!
Available at most supermarkets.



Leopard Forest Coffee
A local favourite and crowned ‘Top Single Origin Espresso’ in 2008, this blend is full bodied, a mix of dark and traditional roasts with a touch of fruit notes in the finish.



Lindt Excellence
The LINDT Master Chocolatiers’ uncompromising pursuit of excellence, their choice of superior ingredients and their vast experience and knowledge of high quality chocolate led to the creation of one of LINDT’s most premium and luxurious product lines: LINDT EXCELLENCE.
Available in 35g and 100g from most leading retailers.


Irvine’s Chicken Wings
Irvine’s Chicken Wings are ideal for sharing! Have some friends and family around and get entertaining with Irvine’s.
Available at most supermarkets.



Irvine’s Chicken Sausages
Irvine’s Chicken sausages are ideal for a delicious and healthy family meal. Enjoy them on the braai, in a casserole or with mashed potatoes and peas.
Available at most supermarkets.



Green Olives, $2.49
Perk up your salads this spring with these delicious olives. These Taste The World Olives are available with almonds, lemon or shrimps.
Available at SPAR.



Boxed Smoked Ribs
Nothing comes close to the smell and meaty taste of a rack of Colcom’s famous Smoked Ribs, delicately smoked continental-style and marinated for a lip-smacking taste!
Available at most supermarkets.