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WHAT’S IN STORE in June 2017

Posted On : 31 May 2017 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

WHAT’S IN STORE in June 2017: Our pick of this month’s most exciting foodie buys

Enjoy A Cuppa 
Locally produced in Zimbabwe, Leopard Forest Coffee has a sensational aroma and flavour that will keep you satisfied all through winter!
Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.




Family Roast 
Savour the flavour of a delicious roasted Irvine’s Whole Chicken! Perfect for those cool winter evenings.
Available at most supermarkets.





Get Baking
Fill your home with irresistible aromas! Get baking and warm up your soul with Snow White Self Raising Flour.
Available at most supermarkets.





Got A Date? $3.00/punnet
Dates are so versatile they can be added to cakes, puddings, biscuits or used in stews, tanginess, in stuffings or salads. Or try stuffing them with ricotta or blue cheese for an elegant appetiser.
Available at SPAR.




Irvine’s Chicken Thighs
Irvine’s Chicken Thighs are the ultimate protein choice when cooking flavourful winter meals. Create irresistible stews, casseroles, curries or bakes. Your options are limitless.
Available at most supermarkets.





Leeks, $2.25
Leeks are very useful in the kitchen, with their own distinct, subtle flavour. They are ideal to add to winter meals such as soups, stir-fries, gratin and more.
Available at most supermarkets.





SPAR Full Cream Milk, $1.25
An everyday necessity, you can’t go wrong with SPAR’s creamy and delicious milk.
Available at SPAR.





Stock It Up,$0.89
Enhance your dishes by adding these SPAR Stock Cubes into your cooking process and enjoy the flavours of good home cooked meal.
Available at SPAR.





Super Soups, $0.45
SPAR’s instant soup blends are packed with incredible flavour! They can be enjoyed on their own as a soup or can be added to pasta, casseroles, bakes and more!
Available at SPAR.





Tasty Salamis,
Garfunkels Salamis are made from hand selected prime cuts of Pork or Beef, mixed with a selection of spices, fermented and air cured to give that traditional Italian salami flavour!
Available at most supermarkets and Food Lover’s Market, Greendale.




Turnip The Flavour, $3.30/punnet
Boiled or steamed, mashed or puréed, sautéed or stewed, there are many ways to enjoy this root vegetable! If you’re cooking a chicken or a pork roast, just add the turnips to the pan with it to roast alongside — the juices from the roast will flavour the turnips wonderfully.
Available at most supermarkets.




Uber Aubergines, $0.90/punnet
Great at soaking up flavours, aubergines work brilliantly in stews, tagines and curries. Or try them in a tantalising cheesy vegetable bake, a satisfying winter meal!
Available at SPAR.




Winter Blues, $6.99/125g
Add lush blueberries to muffins, cheesecakes and pancakes or combine them with apple in a crumble, and with other soft fruit in a glorious winter pudding.
Available at most supermarkets.




Winter Indulgence
Melt away the winter blues with a delectable cheeseboard with a variety of high quality cheese from The Cheeseman.
Available at Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.