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WHAT’S IN STORE in October 2017

Posted On : 26 September 2017 | Category : OUT OF AFRICA Magazine, Star Buys

WHAT’S IN STORE in October 2017: Our pick of this month’s most exciting foodie buys

Biltong Bites 
Garfunkels Biltong is the ideal snack to serve at your next braai. Available in two delicious flavours; Plain Beef or Chilli Bites.
Available at most supermarkets.





A Little Corny, $4.45/punnet
A grilled mealie on the braai is one of the best things about summer.
Available at most supermarkets.





Chipper’s Sticks
These barbecue flavoured chip sticks are an irresistible snack and will be munched down in seconds at your next get together.
Available at most supermarkets.





Delicious Prosciutto!
Create refreshing and protein-packed salads with Garfunkels Gold Range Prosciutto Ham. Ideal for summer entertaining.
Available at most supermarkets.





Irvine’s Chicken Drumsticks
There is nothing tastier than succulent Irvine’s Chicken Drumsticks sizzling on the braai.
Available at most supermarkets.





Kefalos Feta
Taste the flavours of summer with Kefalos Greek style and Danish style feta. Ideal for entertaining at a braai.
Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.





Knorr Sauces, $1.35
Delight guests at your braai by serving a selection of tasty Knorr sauces alongside the grilled meat. Mushroom sauce & Black Pepper sauce are always a favourite.
Available at most supermarkets.





Love Meat Tender, $2/packet
Robertsons Meat Tenderiser contains enzymes that help to break down the meat fibres which results in succulent, tenderised meat. Use together with herbs and other spices.
Available at most supermarkets.





On The Braai!
Irvine’s Farmstyle Chicken Wors is succulent, juicy and packed with intense flavour! It’s a must-have on your braai this season.
Available at most supermarkets.





Say Cheese!
Ever tried grilling haloumi on the braai? This cheese is ideal on kebabs or even grilled and tossed in a salad.
Available at most supermarkets and The Cheeseman Deli.





Sesame Rolls, $1 for 6
Complete your braai meal with fresh sesame rolls.
Available at most supermarkets.





Slice It! $1.99/kg
Nothing evokes summer like fresh watermelon juice running down your chin.
Available at most supermarkets.





SPAR Balsamic Glaze, $6.60/150ml
SPAR Balsamic Glaze, imported from Italy, is perfect for marinating meat and vegetables or drizzling over salads!
Available at SPAR.





SPAR Braai Cuts
Get your premium selection of braai meats from the SPAR butchery! Open over the weekends, the SPAR Braai Cuts section will prepare a selection of meat of your choice for your weekend entertainment.
Available at Available at SPAR





SPAR Basting Sauce, $4.35/750ml
Keep your meat on the braai tender and moist with this basting sauce.
Available at Available at SPAR.





Spice It Up, $1.95
Bring out the flavour of your meat with this selection of spice mixes. Barbecue Spice and Steak & Chops Spice are both ideal for braaing beef, pork and chicken. Both available in 100ml shaker and 100ml refill.
Available at Available at SPAR.