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Wine Tips – Tannins

Posted On : 8 December 2014 | Category : All Hints & Tips, Tips & Hints

Wine tip – Tannins
What is tannin?
This is a chemical compound present in the skins, stalks and pips of red grapes and is extracted during the making of the wine. It is a preservative in red wine and gives a taste of dryness in the mouth.
Tannin when paired with oily fish and salty foods can give off a metallic taste, so the general recommendation is to avoid red wines with fish and salty foods.
Tannis in red wines react with protein, especially foods with a high protein content, for example, rare red meat.
It softens the tannins and balances the flavours of the wine and meat.
Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz are high tannin grape varieties and that’s why they go well with roasts, stews and steaks.